26 Mar

The Junior ‘Dillo

Cap 10K race weekend began today with the Junior ‘Dillo.  It is a  1-mile timed run for kids ages 15 and under. The course is a loop on Auditorium Shores and Riverside Drive.  There are seven age group divisions, each with their own separate start time. Over 1000 kids participated in today’s event.  It was awesome to see so many kids out there running.   I love watching kids run, they really make it look fun and exciting.

When I told my kids about this race they were liked it for several reasons.  It was timed, they only run with kids their own age and it was only a mile long.  Now that they are getting a little older the usual 1K kids runs aren’t as fun for them because they aren’t usually chip timed (they really like to know their times, so they can improve on them) and mostly younger kids run them.  As far as the distance, they like running 5Ks but not too often…because as my daughter said and her brother concurred  “they are exhausting”, so 1 mile was just right for them today.

Woke up early and drove downtown.  Of course we got their much earlier than we needed to..I always plan things this way..just in case.  As we waited the kids goofed around and spoke briefly about what they thought they could do in today’s race..My daughter thought she could run around a 9 minute mile and my son thought maybe a 9:30.  I said those were good goals and I knew they could accomplish them.  Eventually the races started.  We watched the 3  races that came before my daughter’s race,  then it was go time for the 11 year olds.  There were a lot of kids in this age group, so she had plenty of competition and plenty of kids to keep her at a good pace.  She heading out and then disappeared out of sight,   I was surprised to see her flying down the hill to the finish  so soon.  She finished in 8 minutes and 12 seconds.  The fastest mile she has ever run. This was much faster than I thought she would run today and she really surprised herself as well.  She told me that the post race bananas motivated her to finish fast, just like in her first 5K! After two years it is still the bananas after the races that motivate her :)

My son’s age group was next.  He was so cute heading out.  I love the focused look he gets when he is running fast.  He must have been really determined to run a strong mile today because he finished in 8 minutes and 38 seconds, almost a whole minute faster then he thought he could do.  How awesome is that?!   After telling him how great he did, he said to me,  “I was sprinting almost the whole time!! It was hard but I kept telling myself it is only a mile. Keep going!”

I guess all of the  2-3 mile runs we’ve been doing really paid off, because both of them said that 1 mile felt really short.    They really enjoyed this race and said they were glad I signed  them up for it.  My son said the next time he does a mile race he wants to run it in 8 minutes flat.  I really love how when he accomplishes one goal,  it gives him the confidence to set more challenging goals for himself.  My kids taught me some great lessons out there today..they had positive attitudes, set realistic goals, and pushed hard to meet them.  I plan on doing the same at the Cap 10K tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “The Junior ‘Dillo

  1. So cool and special! Wish there had been more of these opportunities w/my son. We would do little runs but no events ’till he was a teenager. AND, your pics REALLY tell the story :)

    Theyare real hams/happy; or both =)

  2. Michael thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I feel like time is flying….all too soon I will to be looking back and wishing we would have done more, I am sure. And the answer is both..they are happy hams :)

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